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In times of recent past, average homeowners and small business could not afford to protect themselves with a sophisticated Camera and Video Recording System.

New innovation and offshore manufacturing has brought the realm of Video Protection to the average consumer.  Systems costing several thousands are now available for a fraction of what was previously charged.

Color cameras have replaced the old B&W systems and the expense is not much greater than the B&W Video counterpart.

New IR technology has enabled these cameras to see in total darkness!  This gives the edge of surveillance without the expense of adding perimeter lighting.

The deterrant factor of a CCTV Camera viewing an area is immense.  The average criminal would rather not be caught on video with the potential of successful prosecution as a result of a recorded incident.

Covert cameras are also the new rage!  Everything from cable boxes and alarm clocks to smoke detectors and photographs can now mask the presence of a camera.  Very handy when you want to watch the goings-on in your home or business discretely.  You can even watch over the Internet - from ANYWHERE in the World!

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